L Shaped Brackets for Shelves

Nowadays these shelf brackets are in trend and very useful for holding maximum load capacity. Today we are going to talk about L shaped shelf brackets. These brackets look like an L shaped hence their name. These brackets for shelves are extremely heavy duty and their weight capacity depends on their size. Many companies are offering L brackets on Amazon and eBay. Wanna Kis is also a big USA brand and they recently launched L shaped brackets on Amazon. These L brackets come in 4 sizes i:e 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches. These shelves brackets are made up of from rock-solid metal iron with super quality powder coating. They are available in Black Color.

Small Brief about the company:

Wanna Kis is a sister company of big conglomerate of the Chinese firms. It started operation in early 2019. They got registered and trademark in the United States of America. Since then, they are striving to give quality goods in the shelving industry mainly. They ensure high-quality products, accurate sizes at low cost. Their customer service is pretty awesome. Wanna Kis is located in The United States of America and consists of a team of highly trained professionals who research and strive to make their products better every day.

L Brackets for Shelves Sizes:

These are available in mainly 4 sizes.

1. Shelf Brackets 6 Inches

2. Shelf Brackets 8 Inches

3. Shelf Brackets 10 Inches

4. Shelf Brackets 12 Inches

As we already talk about that these l brackets are very heavy duty and sturdy. They can hold different weights as per their size. Again these are approximate, as different people have different conditions in homes. Some depend upon the expertise of DIYer who is installing the shelf brackets, some depend upon wall conditions, some depend upon load weight, one needs to put on, some depend upon the gap between the two shelf brackets and also the weight you would like to put on.

L Shelf Brackets Dimension:

These Shelf Brackets comes with great construction, these shelf brackets come with 4 different dimensions i:e

1.   6 x 4 Inches

2.   2. 8 x 6 Inches

3.  3. 10 x 6 Inches

4.  4. 12 x 8 Inches

L Shelf Bracket Designs:

L Brackets comes in 3 design variants, all have a slight difference. Those are

1. Simple L Bracket

2. L Bracket with upward (J Bracket)

3. L Bracket with downward (Z Bracket

In our view, the Simple L bracket and Z bracket are far better than the J bracket, as because in J bracket, you need a very exact wood plank in order to adjust in J bracket. Whereas L bracket and z brackets do not require very accurate wood plank sizes. If we compare L Bracket with Z Brackets, both are good, Z bracket has its own significance if you also got S hooks with the Z brackets, to hold more things or hold décor piece to beautify Z brackets.

Shelf Bracket Pack Size:

Shelf Brackets are offered by the companies in different pack sizes like

1. Pack of 4

2. Pack of 6

3. Pack of 8

In our view, Pack of 4 is a far better pack size than a pack of 6 or a pack of 8. We also give weightage to pack of 6 but it will be pricy for some buyer. Pack of 4 makes two shelves or can make one big 48 inches wood shelf plank. Pack of 8 is highly not recommended.

Shelf Bracket Load Capacity:

These different dimensions hold different load capacity, again this hold capacity is approximate and depending upon different reasons mentioned above.

6 x 4 Inches
50 Lbs
8 x 6 Inches
70 Lbs
10 x 6 Inches
100 Lbs
12 x 8 Inches
120 Lbs

These metal brackets have a thickness of 0.2 inches which actually equal to 5.08 mm (millimeter). 5 mm thickness is very hard and excellent other than others who are offering 3 mm or even less. These brackets are made to hold heavy objects from 60Lbs – 160Lbs approx. These wall brackets can be installed in Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom to Office, Shop & garages. Even they can be used as Air conditioner support brackets. These can be used to hold crockery in the kitchen, car parts in the automobile repair workshop, record files in the offices, or even dumbbells in the fitness club or gym.

Some Ideas to place these brackets:

Shelf Brackets depict your home décor look more elegant and beautiful. This is not only adding beauty to your home décor but also arranges and manages space and storage. Organize your things and stuff in a sophisticated manner. Shelf Bracket in Kitchen: Shelf Bracket in Living Room: Shelf Bracket in Guest Room: Shelf Bracket in Bedroom: Shelf Bracket in Garage: Shelf Bracket in Shop: Shelf Bracket in Air Conditioner Support Bracket: How to Install L Brackets for Shelves:

Shelf Bracket in Kitchen

Shelf Bracket in Shop

Shelf Bracket in Bedroom

Shelf Bracket in Dining Room

Shelf Bracket in Living Room

Shelf Bracket In Bath Room

Shelf Bracket in Air Conditioner Support Bracket

Shelf Bracket in Guest Room

How to install L Shelf Brackets:

These shelves are super easy to install and they come with all the mounting hardware kit and instruction manual. These are super easy for DIY enthusiasts.
If you are looking for Step by Step Guide, How to Install L Shelf Brackets? You may check the link below.


In our honest opinion, Wanna Kis L Brackets have more worth than their charge price. It has real value for money. These are heavy-duty, hard, and sturdy. They are honest as they are giving accurate sizes, their 12 inches means whole 12 inches and not 11.25 or 11.75 inches like others are doing. This is the best way to solve your spacing & Storage problems and also a good way to look at your home décor gorgeous.