Rustic Modern Home Décor Ideas

As you know, “the first impression is the last impression” when your guest comes in your house, what they experience in your house, what they see in your house, its overall look and ambiance, wall colors, curtains, bookshelf collection, furniture and besides all home decoration including centerpieces.
Centerpieces played a crucial part of your home decoration; it gives your dining, drawing, or living room a lively look. Nowadays centerpieces played an integral part in decorating your workplaces, conference room, coffee table, and fireplace, and last but not least farmhouse.

In this article, I come up with the latest modern home décor ideas that are very unique and not common anywhere whether you can see European traditions or Australian artistic mindset. Today I am going to show you rustic home décor that focuses only on the animal figurine that will surely blow your mind and take your home decor to the next level.

Animal figurines feature the most elegant, most artistic, and rustic home décor all over the world. These are masterpieces of handmade art and craft, artisans make these after spending so many days using hand-chisel. These craftsmen are making these sorts of crafts for decades and inherit these skills from their forefathers and ancestors. These masterful craftsmen even do not get their basic living out of it, gradually they are wiping out from the market. These masterful craftsmen are rarely found in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka. Pakistani craftsmen are very well versed and can do particularly fine artwork known as meera kaari, bunki, bareek, dubki mostly on brass items. Brass items are very heavier in weight and though it is a very powerful choice for keeping rustic décor in our homes. These collections of animal figurines are sure to leave you wowed.

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These modern home décor animal sculptures have been a symbol of power and royalty for ages in eastern countries. The giant tusker was used by kings and nobles to travel from one place to another in ancient times.

As mention above, handmade Animal figurines have been traditionally crafted for centuries by local artisans in various parts of the eastern countries. Each place has its unique way of handcrafting the gentle animals. Each generation has strived hard to keep alive the traditional art form. As a result, we find such distinct styles of handcrafted figures and statutes today.

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According to Indian Vedas, the Elephant statuette is a religious symbol as well and brings positive changes in their lives. They believe that keeping these in homes will bring happiness, soothing, and positivity in their daily lives. People do spend enormous money and even gift to others. They have numerous mindsets like tusker denotes calmness and humility, intelligence, and wisdom. This big-sized animal is known for its caring nature toward its herd, symbolically denoting family bonding and caring for one another.
rustic home decor

You may or may not believe in the symbolic interpretation of including the handmade figurines of the royal animal. Many people choose to decorate their homes with the statutes simply because they look so good and blend well with the overall setting. Somewhere deep lays the essence of traditional craftwork where expert artisans toil day and night to create masterpieces with their hands. Whether it is a simple sculpted figure or a work that involves an intricate piece of detailing, contouring, and designing, your indoors for sure brightens up when you choose to get a beautiful piece of work, home. In short, these rustic home décors place a powerful impact on your home overall look and ambiance.

modern home decor ideas

These animal figurines are made of solid brass, give more power to your product quality, available in the best handmade figurine in different animal style statues. The material and the entire work process are eco-friendly.

These are handmade so their traditional artwork is different and involves hours of dedicated efforts by the artisan and his family.


In this article, I tried to cover the rustic home decor length and breadth to find handmade décor items that are soul-stirring, impressive beyond words, and in some ways help native poor artisans from rural areas of Pakistan, India, and allied countries and make a decent living for them.

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