Step by Step Guide for Installing L Shaped Brackets

Shelves! They can either make your home look organized and modernized if installed perfectly or they can make your home dangerous and unorganized but don’t worry because in this step by step guide I will take your through all the steps you will need to follow to perfectly install your L shaped brackets and how you can make your wooden plank more attractive.

Ok so firstly let us talk about the tools needed for installing an L shaped shelf bracket.

  1. A pencil.
  2. A measurement tape.
  3. A painter’s tape
  4. A line leveler.
  5. A Leveler.
  6. A drilling machine.
  7. A stud finder.
  8. A screwdriver.

You won’t need the mounting hardware kit because about 90% of the shelf brackets come with mounting hardware kit.

Step 1:

Place the tape where you plan to install your shelves so that you can anticipate how your shelves will look after installation. By doing this you can also make sure that you are installing your shelves in a straight line.

Step 2:

The second step is to locate studs using a stud finder so you can anchor the shelf to the studs if possible. Here is my advice that will allow you to make marks that are visible without the need to repaint the wall: Use a leveler and draw a very light pencil line where you want the top of the shelf to be. The shelf will hide the line.

Now locate the studs and mark the centers on the tape that you applied in step 1.

Step 3:

Now that you have marked the studs on the tape it’s time for drilling holes. You can use any drilling machine either gas or electric but I would prefer to use a gas drilling machine. Before drilling the holes make sure that the holes are drilled in a straight line. Drill holes according to the length of your mounting hardware where you marked the studs.

Step 4:

Now gently remove the tape from your wall so that it does not damage the paint on your wall and check again if the holes are in a straight line. Fit wall anchors inside the drill holes and then place your shelf bracket in front of them, after doing so screw the L shaped brackets to the wall and your installation is complete.

You can easily find a wooden plank online or home depot stores, after getting a wooden plank for you shelves sand it’s surface and edges properly. Brush off the sawdust and apply a coat of stain. You can use a wood conditioner or furniture polish; it’s completely your choice. Once the stained shelves are thoroughly dry, apply the first coat of wipe-on polyurethane. Once that’s dry, gently sand your shelf with fine sandpaper. The first coat picks up little texture in the wood and your shelves will look absolutely stunning.

Or you may also order wooden planks from Amazon if you don’t have experience in woodworking

Step 5:

Now measure and place your shelf on top of your brackets, screw them from the bottom so they won’t fall off and your shelves are ready.