Type of Shelf Brackets

Complicated decision! Are you looking for Shelf Brackets but don’t know which ones are best for you.

Complicated decision! Are you looking for Shelf Brackets but don’t know which ones are best for you. Well, you are in the right place because in this article I will show you different varieties of shelf brackets. I tried to compile all types of shelf brackets after long research. Some are suitable for home decor, some are good for storage, and some are good for holding heavy loads.

There are numerous types of Shelf Brackets in the market right now so here is the list of all useful and most popular shelf brackets.

  1. Floating Shelf Brackets.
  2. Shaped Shelf Brackets.
  3. Shaped Shelf Brackets.
  4. Lip Shelf Brackets.
  5. Decorative Shelf Brackets.
  6. Rustic Shelf Brackets.
  7. Triangle Shelf Brackets.
  8. Antique Shelf Brackets.
  9. Pipe Shelf Brackets
  10. Angle Brackets


Floating Shelf Brackets:

These Floating shelf brackets are also known as hidden shelf hardware or blind shelf support; this is because when they are completely installed they cannot be seen as they are hidden behind the wooden planks. It seems that the wood shelves are floating on the wall. These are available mostly in 5-inch long. It can hold up to 50 lbs per bracket and give a minimalist look to your home.

These brackets are best and can be installed anywhere you want like, your living room, Guestroom, Bathroom, Office, and even Hospitals, etc. These brackets are very easy to install. It also comes with the instruction manual.



L Shaped Brackets:

These L Shaped brackets get their name from their appearance as they look like an L. These brackets are very rock solid. These are available in many sizes i:e 6×4 Inches, 8×6 Inches, 10×6 Inches, and 12×8 inches. These are so strong that it can hold too much weight roughly 60 – 220 Kg. This bracket comes with a complete installation kit with an instruction manual.

If I try to calculate weight as minimum as possible, 6×4 holds a minimum of 60 Kg of weight, 8×6 can hold up to 90Kg, 10×6 can hold up to 150Kg and finally, 12×8 can hold up to 200Kg. These are my estimates upon checking the live samples at my home. Sometimes it gives Antique and sometimes it gives a modern look and feels for your living space. It has also wide applications from kitchen shelf, bathroom shelf, bedroom shelf, bookshelf to tools shelf, heavy storage shelf.



J Shaped Brackets:

These J Shaped Brackets are industrial sorts of brackets and they are used to keep heavy objects again. These are 11.5-inch brackets and you can install them in your garage or Office because these brackets can hold up to 100 lbs. J shaped are not good choices as their wood shelf width has to keep them within 11.25 inches. It is hard to find so actual wood planks and cut within this range.



Lip Shelf Brackets:

These Lip Shelf brackets are almost identical to the J. brackets. They can hold up to 100 lbs and are 11.5-inches and 5 mm thick brackets. They are easy to install and worth their price. Some suppliers say they are the same L shape Brackets only difference with curve upward (Z Shape) and curve downward (J-Shape).



Decorative Shelf Brackets:

These decorative shelf brackets are not very sturdy as they are mainly used for decorating purposes; they are mainly used to keep showpieces, showing antique look, classy look. They have a different length of 5-inches to 10 inches. Again they are very easy to install. It gives an amazing look and feels after installation.



Rustic Shelf Brackets:

These Rustic Shelf brackets are made up of solid Cast Iron and Steel, Hence they are mostly known by the name Rustic Brackets. These are heavy-duty brackets, comes with different sizes, they are easy to install but they are not so popular as new designs have taken over these designs like L shape and J shape brackets.



Hairpin Shelf Brackets:

These Hairpin shelf brackets shape is very popular in early times and now it mostly comes with the shelves sets, pack of 3. The quality of shelves is not so good but triangle brackets are sturdy and easy to install. They can hold up to 10 lbs and these are mainly used for decorations as per their appearance.



Antique Shelf Brackets:

These Antique Shelf brackets are usually made up of brass as their design looks like vintage or antiques. These are hard but usually have finishing issues. Some companies are giving quality designs as well. Again, they are easy to install and look very beautiful on the walls.



Pipe Shelf Brackets:

These are known as Pipe Shelf Brackets also known as Industrial Shelving. This is made from rock-solid Iron Rod and can hold up to 150 lbs. It has a diameter of 0.5 inches. It is good for the industrial vintage. These come in a pack of 4 and a pack of 6 variants.



Angle Brackets:

Angle Brackets are usually very small in size and come in numerous number pieces in one pack. They are made up of high-quality stainless steel, they are hard, durable, anti-rust. They are mostly used in a joint fastener of cabinets; floating shelves table consoles, bookshelves, windows, etc.



To conclude, shelf brackets can be classified into three categories clearly shelf brackets, Industrial Brackets, Decorative Brackets. Each bracket is good as per your requirement.